Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lipstick Tag

One of the bloggers I follow and also a fellow Specktra poster ShadowyLady did this tag and as I've never done one of these before I thought it would be fun.

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?

Actually when I was little my mom didn’t wear makeup (she didn’t start until a year or two ago), and I don’t really remember any of my aunts or grandmothers wearing makeup either. Instead it was just me making red lips out of the wax that comes around Babybel cheese, and trying to act glamorous.

2. How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?

I was pretty young but a lot of people’s standards, I think 11? It was probably something light pink that I didn’t like very much.

3. Pink or red lipstick?

Hmmm I really like both, I probably have more pinks then reds just because they make a wider range of pinks. So I guess pink.

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?

My Givenchy Candide Tangerine which was $29 but I did get 15% off!

5. And the cheapest?

Probably some of the old Wet n Wild or NYC that I used to buy when I was in middle school.

6. What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?

I used it as an eye shadow once, I read a magazine article back in the day that talked about the monochromatic look so I took a lipstick and used it on eyes, cheeks and lips. I’m sure it creased pretty bad though I do like the shiny lid look.

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
Well now that I have a Givenchy lipstick, I just love the feel of it, so light; feels like you’re wearing nothing. Also, MAC just because they have an awesome selection of colors.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trying to Keep Up!

So I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm in finals right now so everything is pretty crazy, plus my boyfriend is graduating on the 14th and I've been busy planning the party, coordinating family coming in from out of town. Suffice it to say I'm busy!

Still I want to make sure I keep posting because I'd hate to be one of those bloggers that writes a couple posts and then disappears.

So I have been participating in a thread on the fabulous Specktra forums ( which is rare for my because honestly I'm pretty shy here on the interwebs. This thread however only had a few ladies posting regularly, and some of the sweetest girls too, so I figured I could dip my toe in the water. This thread is to encourage each other to use the stuff we have in our stash which can be hard when you have a a huge collection or you're constantly buying new stuff. Now this is the first time I've posted pics on the internet (excluding Facebook of course), and it's still really hard for me. I have a lot of insecurities just like everybody else so each time I'm scrolling through a page and a huge closeup pic of my face pops up I cringe a little. It doesn't help that I'm not the best photographer either though I am trying to get better. 

Anyways, since I'm sharing my pictures on the the forums I should also share them with you guys! Plus, I can put up some pictures of my old looks and and also some just for fun ones as well. 

 This one is pretty old, and I have no idea what colors I used but I do like this one quite a bit. I'm not sure of you can call this a smokey eye but I was trying to emphasize the outer v which is something I'm still figuring out.

This one is from my birthday last year, and I'm quite proud of it! Not perfect but I got a ton of compliments on it so yay! I can make a tutorial on this later if you guys would like.

This one I like because its very natural (which isn't usually my thing). I know some people think pink eyeshadow is hard to wear, but I really like it!

This is a look that I did for my friends birthday which was right after the MAC Riveting collection came out so I was using Show Orchid with True Babe over it & Full Fuchsia for blush.

This picture is from my boyfriend's birthday last year, it was inspire by this tutorial by MissChievous. I really liked the lips because I finally wore Blackfire Glimmerglass from Style glass. In person it gave the lip color a really pretty smoky look.

Ok so I think that might be enough for now. I'll be putting up more, hopefully tomorrow and also we're working towards looks that I actually remember everything I used. How novel! I'm also working on a few other posts so it won't always be look at my face.