Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The L Files

So one set of post I want to write about is The L files.

L in this sense can stand for love, lust, lemming, basically it will be series of posts about things I am currently wanting. It doesn't necessarily mean it is something you or I can afford or are even planning on buying, but hey we can dream right?

Anyways here are the things I'm lusting after right now:
Dior Aurora - $46

I saw this first on Cafe Makeup, and even though I'm not really a bronzer girl, I actually only own one which is the cream bronzer from MAC's summer collection last year, but I saw this one and just thought it was so beautiful. Unfortunately I won't be purchasing this anytime soon since I just hauled on using Sephora's VIB discount code last week and Illamasqua's sale. So today I bought Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun Light and I'm happy with it, it looks good on my pale sking so for now Aurora will have to stay just a want.

Givenchy Acid Lights - $62

I am so in love with Givenchy right now. I actually just bought my first items (which I will post about later) from them when Sephora had their VIB sale but I have been eying their stuff for a while, though I'm still pretty new to the high end makeup market. This new pallet from their summer collection has completely stolen my heart! I love brights so this is right up my alley plus just looking at it makes me swoon. Even my boyfriend though it was impressive, he said they looked like jewels. I will be picking this one up only because my boyfriend as been working a lot lately and  he said he would buy to make up for being gone so much. Yes, I know I am so lucky!

Milani Lip Flash - $6.99

These little pencils I just became acquainted with though Karen on MBB and I'm so glad I was. I really love pencil lipsticks, even though I only have one, its so easy to use. Plus the color payoff on these looks awesome! Personally I can't stand barely there lip sticks or glosses (ahem Chanel), if I want to go that route I'll pick a tinted balm. I'll probably pick up at least a couple of these in the near future, though I need to wait until next payday since I spent all my money on the afore mentioned Sephora/Illamasqua shopping sprees.

Well that all for now, obviously I have tons more wants but hey I have to save something for later! So tell me what you've been loving/lusting/lemming? Anything I should be adding to my list?

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